A Trillion Worlds

A Trillion Worlds


Welcome to my humble home page.

Here, you will find information about my upcoming book, as well as some random ramblings. Please follow the links on the top navigation.

Currently, I have only one novel written: I, Cunningham. It is the story of a man who wakes up in a robot, centuries after his death. In a space station, orbiting a failing space colony. Intrigued? Follow the previous link!

Otherwise, feel free to browse about.

Why a Trillion Worlds?

There was a recent article in Scientific American with that very title. The stories I write are set one such trillions “super Earth” worlds. No friendly planet there! Colonizing such environments would only be marginally easier than colonizing Mars. Still, I believe it will be attempted someday.

Limits are funny. When I started writing, I was constantly annoyed when I picked a candidate planet and it proved to have annoying features. Gravity was too high. It was tide-locked. And so on. In the end, though, I learned to use those constraints to drive my stories. I believe that settling such worlds, while very difficult, would be the ultimate test of human ingenuity. Thus, I decided that it would be a great thread that would bind my stories together.

Oh, and also, living in a city where it can go from -20 centigrade to plus 10 centigrade in 24 hours may have given me a sadistic streak towards my characters. I mean, they should suffer more than I do in real life, right? That's what being a writer is all about — making characters suffer.

I hope you will find my tales entertaining.