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You have several options:

  • Send me an email. This is the most straightforward way. However, given spam bots and whatnot, I cannot simply write my address in the clear. Thus, simply write to bge ‘at’ bge-author.ca, replacing the ‘at’ with the @ sign.
  • If you want specifically to send me feedback about my work, please do so at feedback ‘at’ bge-author.ca
  • You can also message me on reddit: /u/bge-kernel-panic
  • You can message me on Facebook, though be warned, I don’t actually use my profile all that much. Anyway, it's there: https://www.facebook.com/benoit.goudreaultemond/ (and yes, that's me with the fruit hat. I had so much more hair at the time! And the hat is a pomelo fruit peel in case you're wondering)